Car Cover – A Real ‘Must Have’

Car covers are there to assist protect and protect your vehicle from the harsh factors of nature. The numerous weather situations can show to be extraordinarily dangerous to the life expectancy of your vehicle. Having a cowl will save you those dangers from penetrating via to the auto and negative it.

The same could be stated approximately garages. However, vehicle covers have a large benefit over garages; portable. Storage is a massive shape that wants masses of area. Most humans do now not even very own the space for a garage, by no means thoughts the money to build one. And although someone does have storage, what use is it when they are out and approximately. Imagine going buying, and returning to the equal of a bird’s bathroom. Your storage at domestic is quite vain in such instances.

Car covers can be interested in you wherever you pass thanks to the reality that they may be folded up compactly while now not in use. They fold up so well and small, that they are able to take a seat to your glove compartment while you power around the arena, bringing your portable storage with you wherever you cross.

‘A garage is a proper shape and can shield my vehicle from all climate conditions. Is the equal true for vehicle covers?’

Definitely! Car covers are available in more than a few material to suit the person’s needs. People internationally live in specific climates and consequently will need special varieties of safety for their motors. To store money, and boom expertise, covers will come particularly designed for special climates. For example you can purchase a car cover that is in particular for decent climates as it expert in extremely violet resistance. It has minimal water resistance for the occasional showers.

For the automobile proprietor who lives in an all-weather surroundings, there are all-climate car covers amazon. These are covers that have a piece of the entirety, at high degrees of safety, so that they’re in no way surprised. The covers can be one hundred% waterproof, making sure that no rain, snow, sleet or something else of that nature works their manner in. The cloth of the cover is also breathable so that air and moisture can get away out thru the cloth, giving the car a risk to

Protection in opposition to ultra violet rays ensures that no longer handiest does the car no longer overheat, thereby making the car unbearable to pressure in, however additionally continues the coloring of the auto. The paintwork of the automobile will become bleached from the solar’s effective rays, making it appearance old and battered nicely before it needs to.

Ferrari, taking advantage of the celebration of the Finale Mondiali 2017

But it is not a car created from scratch, but an evolution of the exclusive FXX-K, the circuit version of the Maranello brand hybrid supercar, which for this occasion receives a series of improvements with which it further enhances its performance on track. The FXX-K Evo will not be sold as a new car, as it is a package of improvements that Ferrari offers to those who already have one of the few Ferrari FXX-K manufactured. That is, a vehicle that follows the steps previously given by the Ferrari FXX and 599XX, two circuit racing cars that have already counted on Evo versions and are part of the ‘Program XX’, which makes available to private and successful customers. participation of the research and development laboratory of the Italian brand. The Ferrari FXX-K’s Evo package focuses primarily on the aerodynamic part, increasing by no less than 23% downforce compared to the FXX-K and by 75% compared to a street LaFerrari. According to Ferrari, the changes introduced in this part allow this model to obtain vertical load values ​​very similar to those that normally develop the vehicles that participate in the GT3 and GTE championships, producing 640 kg at 200 km / h and more than 830 kg at the speed maximum. This increase was achieved thanks to the adoption of a new aerofoil biplane in the rear, which works in conjunction with the active aerodynamic system. This element is fixed on two lateral feet and a central one that fulfills two functions, to provide stability in curves reducing the angle of drift and to serve as support for three vortex generators that are in charge of increasing the effectiveness of the airfoil. These vortex generators are also present in the diffuser, thereby improving about 30% their effectiveness compared to FXX-K. What does not change is the propulsion system, as the Ferrari FXX-K Evo continues to offer 1,050 hp of power and more than 900 Nm of torque, courtesy of its aspirated V12 engine (860 hp) and its electric motor (190 hp ).


Lapo Elkann is one of grandchildren of Gianni Agnelli, the founder of Fiat, and owner of Garage Italia Customs. The latest charge given by Elkann to his own company was to modify his own car to achieve a unique sports car. It is a Ferrari GTC4Lusso that has received a treatment based on blue color, creating a current and striking image. Outside, the staff at Garage Italia Customs opted for a painting ‘Le Mans Blue’ which is combined with details in ‘Azzurro Lapo’. This unique tonality for ‘the head of the house’ is present in the hood, ceiling and lateral air intakes, among other places. In addition, the brake calipers that are visible to the design of the wheels, were also painted in blue. If we take a look at the pictures of the interior, a new sea of ​​blue tones appears. From the trimmings to the upholstery, steering wheel and carpets. Everything is finished in some shade of blue. At least the Ferrari emblem, the vehicle’s name and the Italian flag retain their original colors. Regarding the mechanical part there is no news, therefore, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso of Lapo Elkann will continue being propelled by a V12 engine of 6.3 liters with 690 hp and 697 Nm of maximum torque, coupled to an automatic transmission of double clutch and seven speeds. Thanks to this mechanics, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 335 km / h.


Last week a presentation of the Tailor Made division of Ferrari took place in Tokyo. This department responsible for customization and special requests of the Italian brand organized a special program on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso for Japanese customers, as a showcase of the possibilities of both the model and the program. At an event organized at the Italian embassy in the Japanese capital, Ferrari presented 9 specimens of the GTC4Lusso specially configured and customized by the Tailor Made division, as we can see in the images below. The 9 units of the GTC4Lusso presented in Tokyo have no mechanical or chassis differences compared to the conventional series units of the model. The Ferrari Tailor Made department does not take care of changes or deep modifications, for this the Maranello house already has other departments like the Ferrari Special Projects, the SP, that even arrive to prepare one-off models reincarnated that are presented like models completely many different. So the models presented at the Italian embassy in Tokyo did not count on mechanical modifications, only personalized aesthetic approaches, well differentiated from the basic line of the model. All the models presented had dark body colorsand in some cases very unusual for this model, such as some shades of blue and green, including some in matte finish. In several cases we find some spellings in the exterior and in others the wheels of series in another color, from different shades of dark gray and black to an attractive golden tone. All units presented corresponded to the GTC4Lusso T version, so they had the supercharged 8-cylinder 610-hp engine. The brand did not reveal, but surely all the copies must have found an owner in this presentation, where were present about 300 people.


Ferrari has just revealed the successor  California T . This is the new Ferrari Portofino, which will be officially presented to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 next September. The Italian brand released the first official images and the first data of the model through an official statement, without having announced the car in advance with a teaser. According to the brand, the name Portofino was taken from the Italian town of the same name, “synonymous with elegance, sportiness and luxury”, so says the official statement. The very launching color of the model also receives this denomination: ‘Rosso Portofino’, therefore, theoretically is a new shade of red that will be available for the sporty convertible. Curiously, until today this denomination was associated with one of its main competitors, Lamborghini, since it designed and developed the  Lamborghini Portofino , a concept presented in the 80’s, during the time when the Chrysler Group was the owner of the brand of Sant ‘Agata Bolognese. For what the brand says, Portofino has a completely new chassis, so we are not facing a mere restyling of the California saga. Although the brand does not mention, probably this new chassis is made in aluminum, since they indicate to be more rigid and light than the one of his predecessor.

At first glance we can see how it maintains the proportions of the original California: a long bonnet followed by a 2 + 2 passenger compartment and a marked rear volume to the trunk where the rigid retractable roof hides. Regarding its aesthetic, the new Portofino separates drastically from California, although its shapes and features do not indicate any surprise, because more than the language of design of the brand, the designers of the Centro Stile Ferrari have adapted the traces of other models of the brand to the Portofino. On the very front we discover a new interpretation of the traces of the recent  F812 Superfast . The side is the most visually gaining part of California, as the Portofino acquires a more dynamic profile, and on the side panels at the doors themselves we find lines of style and folds more sculpted and visually strong. In the rear also appear the usual forms of other models of the mark, with the circular lanterns incrusted in the part superior, with much sheet area in sight. All in all, although it does not look much larger than the California T it replaces, it conveys more power and visual dynamism, while at the same time appearing larger. Thanks, above all, to the use of forms and straight lines, instead of the smooth curves of its predecessor. In relation to mechanics, we find an evolution of the turbocharged V8 engine found in various models of the brand. For this occasion has undergone several improvements that allow it to offer more power and less consumption. The new cipher power is 600 hp and 759 Nm of maximum torque from 3,000 rpm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in only 3.5 seconds. The brand did not disclose which transmissions would be available, but certainly this acceleration time was achieved with an automatic transmission, probably the same or a derivative of the one using the current F488 GTB.


Loma is a coach based in Monaco who has for some time presented aggressive body kits. The last of them was prepared for the new Ferrari Portofino, the successor of the California T and access model of the Maranello brand, which acquires with this package of improvements a much more aggressive image. In addition, thanks to this new kit, the Ferrari Portofino da Loma achieves new performance figures, superior to those of the Ferrari F488 GTB of 670 hp, with which it shares the supercharged 3.9-liter V8 engine, although the Portofino behind the mound front axle. Named Ferrari Portofino LP-740 2.0 by Loma, as its name implies, the Italian twin-turbo V8 now has 750 hp (740 hp), which means a jump over the original 600 hp Portofino series. According to the Monegasque coach, the increase in power was achieved thanks to touches in electronics and a more aggressive escape configuration. Thanks to the new mechanical performance, the Ferrari Portofino LP-740 by Loma is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.1 seconds and to continue accelerating to a maximum speed of 342 km / h, which makes this model in Portofino more the world. The Monegasque preparer did not reveal more details nor the prices of engine and exhaust modifications, only the new aerodynamic kit, which will be available to European customers from the first half of 2019 from 17,490 euros. As we can see in the first sketches presented by the preparer, the kit includes more aggressive bumpers with larger front side air intakes and a new rear diffuser along with the new exhaust outlets. There are also new side skirts, a small fixed rear spoiler, new carbon details and a lowered suspension (30 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear), as well as the new Loma GTC-SL Superlight wheels that are available in both 21 and 22 inches in diameter.


In this year 2017 Ferrari celebrates its 70 years and will celebrate with 70 special editions that will translate into a total of 350 cars, since each of these 70 editions will be offered with the five vehicles of conventional production currently in the line of the house of Maranello, making a total of 350. See the images in the gallery and the description of each model per year . These 70 special editions of Ferrari will translate into 350 unique vehicles, not one more, not one less. The Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider, the California T, the F12 Berlinetta and the newly introduced GTC4 Lusso are the models chosen to bring these 70 special versions to life. Now having a meaningful bank account will not be enough to take home one of the 350 units Ferrari launches for its 70th birthday. Sergio Machionne, CEO of the company, will be in charge of deciding which aspiring owners are ‘worthy’ to drive one of 350 sports. This measure was communicated by Ferrari to a group of 100 select customers, which the brand has already apologized in advance in case any of them wants to buy one of 350 special editions and is not chosen. “It’s the worst part of my job, I’d rather not have to do it, but the company demands,” Marchionne apologized.